10 Great Songs for English Fluency & How to Learn With Music


Aww yeah, I'm Ethan you're a life English fluency coach and today we're talking

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So we are going to show you ten great songs

for you to learn English with and not only this, we will also teach you some

great vocabulary, expressions and pronunciation with the lyrics and

finally we will give you some tips so that you can continue learning with

songs on your own.

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Number 10: Your Song by Elton John.

Now, the reason that I chose this one is because I recently watched the movie

Rocketman which is all about Elton John's rise to fame now this was a super

fascinating movie and I recommend it to you I had no idea that Elton John had

such a difficult life before I watch this.

Now he is still considered one of

the top grossing artists of all time which means that he has sold more albums

than almost any other artist alive.

Now, if you're not so much into older music

then you could check out the version that Ellie Goulding did of this song.

But let's take a look at some of the expressions that you'll learn in Your Song.

Number 9: Paradise, by Coldplay

Now this is probably my favorite song by this iconic band, let's take a look at

some of the great expressions that you can learn in this song

Now this is a great song to listen to if you're feeling a

bit down, that is a little bit sad because it really lifts your spirit,

it breaks you out of your reality and get you dreaming of what could be.

Now if you like alternative bands like Coldplay then I highly recommend that you check

out Vera Blue from Australia who is another alternative artist I discovered

this year and absolutely loved.

Number 8: New Rules, by Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa is an up-and-coming artist who has a really unique sound, now what this means is that

she is just starting to be recognised for her talent and becoming popular.

Now we chose this song because it is filled with really fantastic connected speech

to practice your native pronunciation and understand that is better.

Now if you like New Rules another song that I loved by her is Don't Start Now.

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Number 7: A Hard Rain Is Gonna Fall, by Bob Dylan.

Now Bob Dylan is famous for writing ballads, that is a song that kind of

tells a story, it's like poetry.

Now this makes them really great for learning

expressions and figurative language as well as how to tell a story in English.

You might kind of compare him to some similar modern artists like Taylor Swift.

Now he wrote this song in the 60s about all the depressing things that he was

seeing happening in the news.

However you can probably find a lot of relevance in

the lyrics of the song even today.

Now I actually discovered the song

because one of my favorite folk artists, Laura Marling, did a really amazing cover of it.

Now if you like Bob Dylan and his tremendous lyrics then I highly

recommend you check out some similarly famous artists like Joni Mitchell,

John Denver and of course Laura Marling who I mentioned before.

Number 6: Were Is The Love, by The Black Eyed Peas.

Now we're moving to a very different genre but not such a different topic.

This song is really an anthem for global citizens.

Now an anthem is a song that

represents a group or cause for example your country probably has a national anthem.

Now I like this song because it talks about big global problems and asks

us if we can love our fellow brothers and sisters of the human race.

It's also great to learn a little bit about American culture as it makes many

different references as well as to learn some great expressions.

Number 5: I Don't Trust Myself, by John Mayer.

So now we're moving on to one of

my favourite artists of all time. I've seen John Mayer many times in concert

and he is an incredibly talented musician, in fact he's probably one of the best

guitarists alive.

Now this song that we've chosen is one of the ones that made me

really fall in love with his music and it's great for you as an English learner

because you can practice connected speech and improve your native

pronunciation let's take a look.

So, one of the reasons I chose John Mayer is because he has done so many different genres

throughout his career.

Earlier he did a lot of pop, but then he kinda transitioned more into music

that he was more passionate about like blues, rock and folk.

So I'm sure almost any of you can find something

that you like by him.

And another artist that I

like for the same reason is Sia, earlier in her career she actually started with

more blues but nowadays you'll find her doing more motivational pop which is

really great if you're working out.

Number 4: Rain On Me, by Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande.

Now moving on to another artist who has experimented with a lot of different genres: Lady Gaga.

but most of us might think of her more

as being like the Queen of Pop.

Now one of the things that I really love about

Lady Gaga is that although she is very unique she's not just a superficial pop star,

she is also a big proponent of the value of kindness and she's spoken a lot

about this even with the Dalai Lama let's take a look.

So, other than bein a humanitarian, she's also an extremely talented lyrics writer.

In fact a lot of you probably saw her recent film

A Star Is Born, which has some really powerful

music in it but we've chosen one that is just super fun from her new album and we

actually did a recent lesson on it and we're going to look at a few expressions

taken from that lesson and then if you want to continue learning with Lady Gaga

I recommend that you check out the full lesson after finishing this video.

Number 3: Don't Stop Me Now, by Queen

Now did you know Lady Gaga's name actually comes from a song from our next

band, Queen? Well I was absolutely obsessed with Queen in high school and

it's so fantastic seeing that the band had a renaissance since the film

Bohemian Rhapsody came out.

Now we actually did a lesson teaching English

with three of their songs which you can check out after finishing this lesson

but right now we'll just look at an excerpt of it to give you a taste.

So if you liked that then I also highly recommend

that you check out the movie Bohemian Rhapsody because

this is really great to learn a little bit about British culture as well as

learn more about the history of the band

Number 2: When The Party's Over, by Billie Eilish.

So similar to Bob Dylan, Billie Eilish's lyrics

usually tell some sort of a story, which makes it really great to pick up some

different vocabulary.

However with When The Party's Over we're going to

actually take a look at some of the connected speech.

Now, this song like many of Billie Eilish's

is pretty slow and it's not too melodic which makes it perfect to sing along

with to improve your pronunciation and we made a full lesson with another song

of her no time to die which I highly recommend you check out later if you're

a fan of Billy Eilish's.

Number 1: Lose Yourself, by Eminem.

Now personally I'm not a huge fan of rap but it is one of the best types of

music to learn English because it very closely mimics the rhythm of how natives speak.

In fact this is one of the songs that I used to use to teach connected

speech to my students, if you practice it over and over again your native

pronunciation will improve a lot, I promise.

In fact let's actually take a look from a clip of a lesson that we made using

the song so that you can practice rapping along with Eminem and improve

your English pronunciation.

All right, so if you choose any of those songs really you're going to have a lot

of fun and you'll learn a lot with them,

and English learners ask all the time

what are the best songs to be learning English with?

Now really you should be

learning with whatever songs you love you can definitely go learn with rap and

it will be very effective but if you hate rap then you're not going to enjoy

the process, what's more important is that you're cultivating curiosity that

you're not just listening to a song you like but you're actually taking the time

to go look up the lyrics and really understand what they mean and then sing along.

Sing along is so important because it really builds those muscles of

articulation it doesn't matter if you're a great singer just have fun doing it on

your own and as promised I have a few quick tips for you so the first one is

to check out Genius lyrics when you're looking up the lyrics at any song

because there you can find explanations of what the lyrics mean now a lot of

times just by looking up the words and lyrics you're not going to fully

understand because there's different references to culture, there's different

references to something from the person's personal life or they are being

creative with the language and it's not exactly what it seems to mean so this

can really help you to go beyond just the language to understand the deeper meaning.

The next is to use a website called LyricsTraining now this is really

fantastic to build your vocabulary and your comprehension with any song now

basically what they do is it's kind of like a game they take out some of the

vocabulary and you basically have to type it in while you're listening to the

song playing this is a really great challenge and it's a lot of fun it's

very addictive go check it out.

Now the final tip is in Spotify or whatever

platform that you use to listen to music create a playlist of the songs that

you're using to learn English because then you can listen on the go when

you're in your car when you're in the shower when you're cooking dinner and

you can actually be singing along and practicing any time of day.

And finally if you want a method to learn English with your favorite songs then I highly

recommend that you check out this lesson that we made.

Now if you've liked the

songs that have suggested to you today and you want to check out more of the

music that I'm listening to then you can check out what I'm currently listening

to on Spotify I will post a link to that playlist down in the description below

and I want to know what songs did I miss, what are your favorite songs learn English with?

Share them with other English learners

by writing them down in the comments below now thanks so much for joining me

today I hope you've had a lot of fun and then you've gotten some new songs to

practice your English with and now it's time to go beyond the classroom and live

your English, awww yeah!

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