Learn English with TV Series: Seinfeld


Hoh, here he is.

This is the man I wanted you to see.

Izzy Mandelbaum.

He's eighty years old, but strong as an ox.

Watch this.

See that?

You couldn't do that.

I could, but I choose not to.

Hey Morty.

Who's this?

This is my son Jerry, from New York.

He thinks he can lift more than Izzy.

I..I didn't say that.

Hey, Izzy, this kid says he can lift more than you can.

Your kid's pretty funny, Morty.

Should be a comedian.

Actually, I am a comedian.

That's not so funny.

Think you're better than me, huh?

Izzy used to work out with Charles Atlas in the fifties.


Yeah, that's it.

It's go time.

Let's see you lift that.

Mr Mandelbaum, I...

C'mon, c'mon.

Pump it!


Yeah, wrong attitude.

you're not bringing that trash into my house.



Step aside, stringbean.

I'll show you.

I'm gonna take it up a notch.


My back.



Somebody, call an ambulance.

There's already an ambulance here for Mrs Glickman.

There's room for one more.

How could you do that to Mr. Mandelbaum?

You Should be ashamed of yourself.

He egged me on!

You should be more mature.

He's 80! Ok, tomorrow Jerry and I will visit Izzy and apologize.

This is quite a condo.

The Mandelbaums own the Magic Pan restaurants.

The crepe place?


This is all big crepe money.

There's crepe money?

What are you doing here?

Aw, Mr Mandelbaum, I just wanted to come by and tell you

how sorry I was that you hurt yourself.

What the hell is that?


That shirt.

You think that you are the number one dad?

This was a gift from my son.

Oh, I see how it works now.

He knocks me outta commission, so you can strut around in your

fancy number one shirt.

Well, I'll show you who's number one.

Mr Mandelbaum, please.

It's go time.


My back.

I can't move.

Call an ambulance.

Again, Mr Mandelbaum, this back specialist is supposed to be the best.

So if there's anything else I can do, please don't hesitate to, uh, try and

find my number.

Uh, oh, wait.

How 'bout that, huh?

The World's Greatest Dad.

My son made it for me.

That's very nice.

The best in the world.

Which means I'm better than just number one.

Well, I don't know how official any of these rankings really are.

Hi, son.

Hi daddy.

This is your son?

I got married in high school.

Hey, who are you?

This is Seinfeld's kid.

Oh, you think you're tough, picking on an old man?

Maybe you'd like to try taking on somebody your own age.

You got any kids?

Oh, you think you're better than me?

Go ahead, pick out anything in the room here.

I'll lift it up over my head.

Look, no-one is lifting anything.

The television.

Oh no.

This one's for you, Pop.

It's go time.


My back!

Call an ambulance.

We're already in a hospital.

I swear to you, I didn't know they TV was bolted to the table.

I bet you pulled that trick on my daddy, in Florida.

He couldn't handle the weight.

Oh, so now you think you're better than me?

You think you're better than him?!

Look, let me just state for the record, I think you're

both better than me.


My boys.

My dad.

My grandpa.

Oh, come on!

What happened to him?

He was trying to lift the TV.

That TV?

Oh no.

It's go time.


Why didn't anybody tell me?

It was bolted down!

I still thought you could do it.

Me too.

Mandelbaum, Mandelbaum, Mandelbaum...

Fellas, fellas, look, I gotta go.

Oh yeah, that's right. Go!

Put us all in the hospital. And you've ruined our business with all your

macho head games.

I think I can help you out. I'll see you later.

Hey, I can't see the TV.


You think you're better than us,don't you?!

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