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this week's song is a classic from the Beatles and

Although the Beatles are British this song actually is a really great way for you to practice your "American T" and "glottal stop T"

I'm not exactly sure why the Beatles song sounds quite American, but there you go and

The song was a little bit hard to explain at times because it is very full of metaphors

That are quite open to interpretation by the listener so I tried to bring you some good insight

By doing some research online and also just from some of my own

interpretations based on the lyrics

And I would love to hear what do you think this song is about just comment below?

after listening to this lesson

Alright guys without any further ado let's jump in. Aww Yeah!!

To find oneself

this expression means to suddenly encounter oneself in a certain state or

situation that was probably unexpected

although this can mean to not interfere with something or

what someone is doing.

In this case it is used more as a slang expression

which would probably be more common in British English than American English

This expression is not very common, but for the sake of the song it means a period of depression or suffering

This could also be considered nighttime

Whisper. This is to speak softly or secretly in this song it probably refers more to speaking quietly

So when you are doing something with someone, and then you leave them, you could also say that you are parting them

But it can also refer to someone dying. It's up to discussion which definition would be correct in the song

This has several definitions, but in the song it means probability


This is another definition which is up for interpretation in the song?

This is a phrasal verb meaning to stop sleeping

although many people

Interpret this as being the Virgin Mary

Jesus's mother from Christianity

Paul McCartney is actually referring to his own mother whose name was Mary

She died when he was a young child so much of this song is about her

When you use right plus a preposition it emphasizes the proximity

So when you say something is right in front of you

It means it is directly in front of you in contrast to being somewhere in the general direction in front of you

Similarly you could say right behind you right next to you

it is similar to the expression every cloud has a silver lining I

this most likely is Paul McCartney saying that he is able to arise

with inspiration because he is a musician so he is able to come out of a dark time and still create music about it

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Hey guys, I'm back. I hope that you enjoyed learning with the Beatles. I know a lot of you

had wanted to see something that was not new so there you go

And I just wanted to wrap this up to end this video by

by actually sharing with you a bit more of the meaning from what I found online

but first what I would like you to do is press pause and

go down in the comments and write. What do you think that this song is about

before I actually tell you what I found online

Are you ready?

Alright are you back did you write what you think below?

So what I found through my research was that this song is actually based on a dream that Paul McCartney had

Where his mother came to him and told him the words let it be

this was very meaningful to Paul because his mother died when he was very young and

some other insights that I saw about it was that it may have perhaps come at a difficult period in

Paul McCartney's life when the Beatles were actually breaking up so only Paul knows for sure

But I hope that helps you to understand the lyrics a little bit better

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